Audrey Victoria Keiffer

Featured Artist: Elly Maddock



Elly Maddock is a 20 year old Surface Design student and screenprinter from London. We fell in love with her highly graphic designs, filled with bold black lines and bright, contrasting colors. Her style is uniquely illustrated and reminiscent of The Memphis Group, pop art, and cartoon…

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Featured Studio: The Make House


imageBlue Space & Time

For the past year, we’ve been eyeing many design studios, artists, and designers where screen printing is the forte, and giant wallpapers are hand painted or printed. With such a heavy focus on digital into this year, The Patternbase is excited to feature up and coming…

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Discussions: Interview with Cassey Gan



2012 Press Show Graduation Series

Like many other pattern obsessed like myself, I spent an evening gazing at the gregarious amount of fashion and print on the internet. I came upon Cassey Gan, and knew I had to interview her for the the PatternBase. I…

My interview with designer Cassey Gan.

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Calls For Artists: Online Class: Pattern Design for Printed Products


There is a new pattern design course in town!

The PatternBase, has teamed up with to bring you an online class dedicated to pattern design. The course is called ‘Pattern Design For Printed Products: Creating Digital Repeat Patterns From Hand-Drawn…